What Guests have to say

Richard Anderson - Johannesburg
October 2017

Dear Ant

Thanks for your mail - yes we all made it back safely after a great trip.

We survived without Jairos by putting together a rather good combo of what we had left over for dinner and were entertained by 2 small, thirsty herds of buffalo (15-20 in each) visiting Lion pan. The border posts were relatively smooth and we made it to Pafuri in time for an afternoon game drive through the fever tree forests.

Ant, we all felt we shared a very special experience with you and your team at Bushcamps. We certainly were very lucky with our cheetah, porcupine, mongoose and lion sightings and watching the full moon rise over the Chilojo cliffs (accompanied by an elephant herd descending toward the river at the same time) will be long remembered. Over and above all these things though we agreed that it was the pace and tone of the experience - expertly managed by yourself - which really stood out.


Many safari experiences these days are all about chasing sightings and specific species - and jostling with crowds doing the same thing! We specially loved spending time with and getting to know the elephants of Gonaz, lazing in the Runde River (and taking the time to cast a fly) and sitting around the baobab engaged in bush crafts (whilst marveling at Allan’s bull roarer not to mention your fire lighting skills).


You have evidently invested much into an incredibly special wilderness and we wish you great success in your operation and the various projects in which you are involved. Wherever possible we will be sure to promote Gonarezhou and your camp going forward.

Please do send on details GCT details so we can contribute towards the baobab project. I have copied the team in so you have everyones' details and can follow up with Al on his footage. Please feel free to use any of the above for your testimonials section on your site and let me know if there’s anything else we can send you in assistance.

Thanks again for a brilliant 4 days at GB and all you and your team did for us whilst there. Looking forward to doing it again in future!

All the best


Lisa King - Cape Town, South Africa
October 2017

Hi Ant,

Thanks for your mails and for following up on our safe return home - it’s been a bit of a shell-shock getting back to the hustle and bustle of city life!

I think Rich perfectly encapsulates everything in his mail, however, I’d just like to add that having had the privilege of spending a fair bit of time in the bush throughout my life it was an incredible highlight (and wonderful surprise) to be welcomed into what I believe is becoming increasingly rare nowadays; a deeply personal, wild and authentic bush experience.


You offer this both in the understated yet breathtaking bush camp environment but also through your outstanding guiding and extraordinary ability to encourage an interest in, and appreciation for, the smaller more unusual aspects of the bush - this adds such richness to a safari experience.

The down-to-earth experience you offer at GB feels as though it is becoming more and more elusive and it is so fantastic to know that it still exists - thank you to you and your staff for your amazing hospitality and your efforts to preserve this very special wilderness area. We had an unforgettable stay, have returned home with so many vivid memories and hope to be back again soon!

Al’s footage is really amazing - he and I are busy working through the clips and photos and will have something to show you all within the next week or two.

I’ll touch base with friends to find out if anyone might be travelling to/from Harare and will keep you posted.

Bye for now,


Treena Quarin, Australia
June 2017

When it comes to travelling with the Kaschula’s Private Guided Safaris the old adage that “if you want something done right, do it yourself “does not apply.


Ant and Rawana seem to be able to predict your every mood and desire and even anticipate some that you never knew you had. This is what makes them the perfect team when it comes to planning an African adventure. Their knowledge and expertise combine to make the entire experience unforgettable.

From devising the complex plans for the multi modes of travel, to an abundance of gourmet fair and the perfect combination of tents and lush hotel rooms Rawana is a marvel. Only to be equaled by Ant’s enthusiasm and unbelievable knowledge of the local flora and fauna and the complex interactions that create the striking African ecosystem. We started our trip with a love of nature and thanks to Ant left with a deeper understanding of its intricate interactions -- and also some not so good vocal imitations of the local wildlife. We will forever view the world through different eyes.

Our trip was memorable for the great variety of experiences in such varied locales from cities to wilderness but most of all Gonarezhou National Park has left an enduring impression of the beauty and wonder of Africa. I now marvel at the fact that I felt safe swimming with crocodiles and hippos just down stream and know that this was possible only because we were under the very capable watch of Rob and Scott, thank you for keeping us safe.


Thank you to the camp staff that created unbelievable meals seemingly from out of nowhere and for the lovely warm showers, I don’t know how you did it, but it was marvellous.


Thank you everyone for creating an unforgettable experience and leaving the enduring impression that Africa is a magical place.

Michael Wald, Alaska
October 2017

Our trip to Zimbabwe and Gonarezhou was easily the best international trip we have ever taken as a family. Ant, his family and his staff made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived and traveling within Zimbabwe was a breeze. Zimbabwe  is a much friendlier, safer and more welcoming international destination than anywhere else we have traveled in Latin America or in Africa. Everything about the trip was easy, fun and interesting (except maybe the storm on the Zambezi!) I can’t wait to return to Zimbabwe.

I’ve spent my life exploring the wildest places on earth and I had no idea that Africa still had places as wild and rich as Gonarezhou. The solitude combined with the tremendous wildlife makes this a “must see” destination for the lover of wilderness and wildlife. Gonarezhou Bush Camp strikes the perfect balance between wilderness, comfort, education, relaxation and adventure. It is a true privilege to spend a week in the company of such a fine naturalist who is so eager to share his knowledge and love of Africa.

A trip to Gonarezhou with Ant Kaschula is the opportunity of a lifetime. This is the Africa I always dreamed of. Animals everywhere and hardly another person to be seen. And best of all, you are not confined to a vehicle. With Ant, you can walk the forests, smell the earth, and feel a part of the place. There is nothing like sitting in a tree with an elephant just below you!


No cars, no crowds, just you and the elephant. How could it get better than that?

Bonnie Schwab, Colorado
May 2018

After four superb African safaris in four countries, nothing compares with Gonarezhou Bush Camp.


Firstly, the utter wilderness of this comfortable authentic Eco-Camp at river’s edge fostered a steady state of awe and joy. Secondly, Anthony Kaschula, whose legendary guiding expertise, passionate, eloquent stewardship and creativity drive every aspect of GBC’s consummate hospitality and truthful safari experience.


The camp's silence and remoteness facilitated a feeling of belonging rather than being a visitor. It is my understanding that “safari,” the Swahili word for journey, originated from the Arabic “safara,” which means "to separate," as in "the wind separates the clouds to show the face of the sky.”


It also means "to reveal" because travel reveals travelers’ faces―what was concealed in their minds. For example, if a woman throws down her niqaab it would be said “safarat," she has revealed her face. In this way, GBC faithfully revealed the ancient face Africa and I saw that it was also my own.


Just one more reason to visit Zimbabwe.

Rod Brown, United Kingdom
September 2018

Hi Ant,

Hope all well and you’re enjoying some down time. We’ve been back in the UK for a few days now, and have sort of got used to the temperature plunge.

Thank you for looking after us so well. We had a brilliant time. We have been on a number of bush camp style safaris now in many southern African countries, and yours stands out for the quality of the experience.


Your understanding and knowledge of the wildlife is deeply impressive- I’ve never been so close to so many of them before.

We loved your camp. And the food was terrific!

Thanks again.

Very best regards,