Ant invited into The Shackleton & Selous Society

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In late 2014, Ant was invited to join The Shackleton & Selous Society as their Southern African Fellow. View Ant's profile here.

The Shackleton & Selous Society is an elite global society of expert Fellows who deliver the ultimate in personalised travel experiences to guests that demand extraordinary, authentic and transformational travel. With a heritage stretching back hundreds of years, The Shackleton & Selous Society is born out of the story of these two great explorers, Shackleton and Selous, leaders who inspire all those that venture into the world's wild places. The purpose of the Society is to connect the guest with our elite Fellows. A Shackleton & Selous Society Fellow is your Host, Leader, Protector, Confidant and connector to the people, the places and the wildlife that will ensure you the journey of a lifetime. We are proud of our alliance with The Leading Hotels of the World, a collection of independent, luxury hotels. You as our guests share the same profile – high end, discerning, driven by passion and drawn to the less ordinary.

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