Another Sad Loss - October 2013

"Mr. Pogo" - October previous year

On the afternoon of the 18th October 2013, en route from the Save-Runde junction to our mobile camp at Chilojo, we noticed an elephant lying on its side near a pool opposite the Milicia excelsa tress at Nyahungwe. On glassing the animal it became clear that it was not moving which is should have been considering the heat. We jumped out of the car and strolled down to have a closer look only to find out that it was dead and turned out to be an elephant bull that we have come to know very well over the last few years. We had dubbed him "Mr. Pogo" as his rear right leg was unable to bend at the knee which meant he had to swing it around in an arc when he walked. We had seen him drinking from the river two days before and he didn't appear to be in poor condition nor did he have any visible injuries on his body. His tusks were still in place and no foul play was suspected.

His handicap (which must have been caused by an old injury) gave him a very placid temperament and whilst we were unable to determine if he had any injuries on the side of his body on which he was lying, I doubt that he would have been injured by another bull. sadly no-one will ever know the truth surrounding the circumstances of his demise.

RIP old boy...

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