The Rains Have Come - October 2013

Impala Gonarezhou

I've just spent the most wonderful few days in the park with safari veteran and author of 'Licensed to Guide', Susie Cazenove. Whilst there were many highlights to our four night fly camping trip; three of these included a wonderful few moments with a male leopard, my first confirmed sighting of a Livingstone's Suni (a miniature antelope) and a meeting with an old friend who is one of the bigger tuskers in the park.

On our way in, en route from Chipinda Pools to Chilojo, we had stopped to photograph a group of kudu bulls in the soft afternoon light when nearby a leopard started to call. His harsh rasping call immediately caught the attention of the kudu and a herd of impala who sounded the alarm with loud nasal snorts. Knowing he was nearby we scoured the bush with our binos and within a few minutes picked him up. Sitting motionless against the backdrop of a densely vegetated termite mound - we enjoyed his presence for a few minutes before he silently melted back into the bush and we continued on our way.

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