Sad Loss

Big tusker elephant

We are very saddened to hear of the recent shooting (10th September 2013) of one of Gonarezhou's bigger elephant bulls in the Mahenye CAMPFIRE area just outside the north east boundary of the park.

Over the last couple of years we have got to know this particular bull (see images of him in our Gallery - Wildlife image nos. 39 & 49) who was a very relaxed old boy who after many years of harassment was starting to tolerate the presence of humans. He had crossed out of the park into the hunting area during the night with a group of about 20 other bulls and was shot at first light as they were returning to the park. Sadly he left his departure an hour too late! He was shot on a perfectly legal hunt however this opens up a debate - "With the unprecedented increase in continent-wide elephant poaching, should we continue to allow the hunting of elephants with very large tusks or do more to protect them?"

His passing is a great loss to Zimbabwe's Tourism Industry and the people of Zimbabwe.

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