camp life & activities  

GBC Guest Tent #1
GBC Guest Tent #1
GBC Guest Tent #1
GBC Guest Tent #3
GBC Guest Tent #3 interior
"Stranded" in Tent # 1
GBC Guest Tent #1 view
GBC GuestTent #1 with camp visitor
GBC Guest Tent #2 exterior
Tent No 3 in August
Tent No 3 in June
GWS Fly Camp in Runde Riverbed
GWS Fly Camp in Runde Riverbed
GWS Fly Camp from above
GWS Fly Camp in Runde Riverbed
GWS Fly Camp Mosi Domes
GBC Fly Camp Mosi Domes
Junction Fly Camp
Dining Tent Interior
Typical lunch
Dining Tent interior
Lunch spread
Dining Tent interior
Lunch spread
Dinner under the stars
Picnic lunch
Morning walk
Walk on the Nyavasikana
Runde River crossing
Cooling off
Identifying a mollusc
Morning walk
Morning stroll
Suzanne with scarab beetle
Beck & Ant
Runde gorge elephant viewing
Gabrielle with elephants
Partially felled baobab
Chilojo sundowner time
Back to camp we go
Photographing Ponerine ants
Runde view from above
Remains of a Painted Dog kill
Soaking it up
Elephant artwork
Looking out over the Runde
Nice Tigerfish on fly
Sunset termite mound

  wildlife & landscapes  

The Beast in front of camp
Painted Hunting Dogs at Chilojo
Male Lion on riverbank
Chilojo at dusk
Kudu bull on floodplain
Gonarezhou's spectacular baobabs
Sunset kudu bull
Runde aerial sunset
Three nyala bulls
Gonarezhou's giraffe
Impala rams
Chilojo and Runde at sunset
Kudu cows
Painted Hunting Dog pack
Fishan's zebra & sable
Runde from atop Chilojo
Lion & lioness behind camp
Bulls in front of camp
Mr. Crumple
Save-Runde junction wildebeest
Clifftop giraffe
The Beast at Hlaro
Dugga boy
The General
Floodplain impala
Lioness downstream from camp
Zero One
Painted Hunting Dog close to camp
Big Tusker near Chinguli
African Blue Tiger
Gonimbrasia moth
Scarab beetle
Chilojo view from below
Elephant trail to water
Zero One
Juvenile terrapin
Big Tusker
Chivilila Falls in February
Giant Tusker
Sea of Mopane
Runde Gorge view
Runde downstream from Chipinda
Wildebeest herd crossing the Runde
Tembwehata Pan elephants
Runde moonrise
Runde from atop Chilojo
Runde in flood
Runde and cliffs view from camp
Zero One
Muvava confluence with Runde
Zero One
Mr Pogo
Massasanya hilltop view of gorge
Machaniwa pan extension
Machaniwa elephants
Lundi Star view
Kundani Hill
Junction big tusker
Junction cow herd
Giant Tusker
Main access road view
Full moon at Chilojo picnic site
Zero One
Elephant sculpture
Elephant artwork
Makenze on foot
Cliffs window view
Chivilila Falls
Chilojo baobab
Bull with rubbing post
Elephant magic
Morning walk across the Runde
Giant Tusker
Tiny terrapin
Drinking bull
Chipinda walk
Mr. Crumple
Magwanjive Magic
Gabrielle in front of camp
Ponerine ants
Lower Runde view
Sunset atop Chilojo